Getting started

You've got a great idea, a vision, and have some money to create a technical foundation. The problem is, you've never built a software business before. You've got a lot of questions and you're not sure where to go for answers.

We help founders create sustainable software businesses. That means creating a product that people love to use, is scalable, secure, fully documented and maintainable.

We can work with you to determine:

  • The technical feasibility of your idea
  • The parts of your idea which should be de-risked as soon as possible through proofs of concept
  • What kind of technologies you should be using
  • How defensible your application will be

We understand the challenges of early-stage development, from feasibility to creating an MVP, and provide cost-effective solutions to bring your ideas to life. Our process includes a thorough assessment of your idea, development timelines, MVP strategies, and long-term technical planning.

Some nice things our clients have said

Wayne and Otto were the technical heroes we needed, exactly when we needed them Caitlin Rozario, Founder, Interlude

Played a pivotal role in developing our product

Sophie Stone, Head of Product Management & Director of Business Analysis, Estates Gazette

Our services include:

  • Journey planning and Event storming workshops to help you build a high-level Technical roadmap or a Backlog of technical stories for a development team
  • Designing the underlying structure of your cloud-native application/platform with a view to it being able to scale in the future
  • Design and execution of proofs or concept to increase your confidence in areas of the application that have been identified as risky or technically challenging
  • Establishing a sustainable software development culture, with a focus on Developer Experience
  • Fully documented full application and platform builds

Let us guide you on crucial technical decision making so you can go further, even after we've gone.

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