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When startups come to us, we find they generally fall into one of three groups.

Getting started

You've got a great idea, vision and have some money to create a technical foundation. The problem is, you've never built a software business before, and you've got a lot of questions and you're not sure where to go for answers.

Talk to us about our ‘technical co-founder on-demand' advice service (where no question is stupid).

Getting unstuck

You're well on your way with a prototype or MVP, but you're feeling stuck. You can live with the bits of your product you can see, but something under the hood just isn't clicking - what's next?

Talk to us about how we'll assess your current situation, then provide technical solutions which put you back on the right path to growth.

Going further

You're well past the early stage and things are going great. You're now looking to explore new ideas, develop your roadmap, or fulfil promises made to your investors.

Talk to us about our workshop to define fundamental technical goals and features to be released, as well as how we tie these milestones to payments and continuous demo-ing, so you're an integral part of the build process – with no unwanted surprises on final delivery.

Not sure what you need? Or keen to understand more about who we are, how we work and charge?

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