Meet the team

We're the founders of Failsafe, Wayne Durack and Otto Pecz.

Our goal is to help startups who may be lacking the technical expertise to kick-off or boost their business.

Photo of Otto Pecz

About Otto

Technical background

  • Senior back-end software engineer: I've worked both on the front-end and the back-end side but in the last phase of my career I'm specialising on the back-end exclusively.
  • Solution architect: I've been fortunate enough to be trusted with solution design and architecture development for different domains.
  • JavaScript expert: I'm passionate about the language and the future of it. I'm always up to date with the latest movements and improvements and connected to the most reputed JavaScript evangelists and bloggers.
  • Cloud and DevOps engineer: I've always been happy to dive into cloud engineering and development operations but in the last few years I've shared my time between back-end development and platform engineering. This kind of multifaceted approach has been becoming a trend in the last few years and I'm very happy to play along.

Behind the technical

  • Perfectionist: For me to solve a problem is not enough. I must find the perfect solution. I can't stop until I figure out the most efficient way.
  • Explorer: I'm eager to work with new ground-breaking technologies and to invent cutting edge solutions.
Photo of Wayne Durack

About Wayne

Technical background

  • Translator: I've always been good at having plain-English conversations with founders or product owners; helping bridge the gap between those with the ideas and those who implement them.
  • Tech lead: I'm confident in choosing the right tech for the job to get to the goal as efficiently as possible.
  • Lead developer: I'm a natural team leader, supporting and empowering engineers to own their features and ensure they're consistent in their technical direction.
  • Senior full stack software engineer: I appreciate the unique aspects of each part of the full spectrum of the stack and always feel the best user experiences come from applications that have the balance right.

Behind the technical

  • Relaxed: I like to keep the big picture in sight, and tend to be good at helping others prioritise and realise they don't need to freak out about the things that seem scary at the time, but end up being the small stuff.

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