We’re here to help you get started get unstuck go further

Failsafe helps startups fill the gaps in their technical expertise.

Every startup is unique, built around the vision and capabilities of the founding team to create something truly new. But sometimes you encounter problems or situations where you need an experienced eye with a straight-talking attitude and a proactive problem-solving approach. A technical co-founder on demand.

These are the types of tech-shaped gaps we solve all the time:

Get started

You’re trying to get your idea off the ground. You know the business side of things inside out, but you don’t have a technical co-founder so you’re not sure where to start. You have money, but what should you be spending it on?

What you need right now is a firm-handed tech ally who’s been here before.

We’re that technical partner that helps you funnel your passion and resources into a solid technical foundation so that your business has the best chance of succeeding now and scaling up in the future.

Get unstuck

You’ve spent time and money on a prototype or MVP but it doesn’t really do what you thought it would. You’re on your second or third round of funding and feel like you’ve been here before. You can live with the bits you can see, but something under the hood just isn’t clicking - what’s next?

What you need right now is to take a step back and reassess your current situation.

We’ll be the experienced eye that helps you plan and implement a course-correction before you spend another round’s funding without fixing the underlying problems.

Go further

You’re well past the early stage and things are going great. You’re looking to explore new ideas, develop your roadmap, or fulfil promises made to your investors. How do you spend time on these without distracting your busy team from their regular work?

What you need right now is a touch of technical or architectural guidance.

We’ll be the micro-team that helps you top-up the foundation of your product, giving you something that your team can continue on with once we’re done.

Don’t take it from us


We’re a London-based technical service software consultancy with loads of experience at planning, designing, and implementing web-based applications and technical solutions.

We've been here before, solving the problems you're struggling with time and again. We've accompanied endeavours from the smallest startups to the most powerful corporations and have witnessed all the ways it can go right and wrong. We'll be honest and frank. We'll let you know when you're about to go sideways. We'll make sure you get the best value from your funds.

Our experience can cover your needs most of the time. We do software design, DevOps, database design, backend and frontend development, business analysis, architecture and a lot more. If there's something we can't do, we'll tell you straight away and give advice on where you should turn.

We call ourselves a technical cofounder as a service for a reason. We'll actively solve your problems instead of creating more, so you can concentrate on the core of your idea.

Founded by two senior software developers who didn't see startup businesses getting good value from the traditional structure of contracting. We're here to be more than an extra pair of hands or an outsourced agency. Instead we guide businesses on crucial technical decision making so you can go further even when we're gone.