Established organisations

You’re an already established business which is looking to adopt digital solutions, improve your efficiency, and stay competitive. You’re not sure how to begin to integrate new technologies and navigate digital transformation without negatively impacting business as usual.

We help SMEs through their digital transformation projects. That means creating a product that people love to use, is scalable, secure, fully documented and maintainable.

We can work with you to determine:

  • The areas of your business that are good candidates for transformation
  • The feasibility of your proposals, timelines, and budget
  • What a Version 1 can look like for your stakeholders
  • The kinds of technologies you should be investing in, and how compatible these are with your existing systems and in-house technologies
  • The parts of your idea which should be de-risked as soon as possible through proofs of concept

We understand the challenges of digital transformation, from idea to building a robust and scalable platform that will power your transformation for years to come. Our process includes a thorough assessment of your idea, development timelines, and long-term technical planning.

Some nice things our clients have said

Clear focus in designing, developing and delivering solutions to our business goals

Nick Mercer, Director of Software Engineering, RELX

The last 2 years have been a challenge in many ways and thanks to Failsafe, we have been able to navigate them and achieve a complete transformation of [our] engineering landscape.

Sylvie Downes, Wilmington PLC

Our services include

  • Journey planning and Event storming workshops to help you build a high-level Technical roadmap or a Backlog of technical stories for a development team
  • Designing and architecting a cloud-native platform that fulfils your long-term transformation needs
  • Design and execution of proofs or concept to increase stakeholder confidence in areas of the platform that have been identified as risky or technically challenging
  • Design and execution of safe data migration processes that allow no loss of data, and no downtime
  • Full application and platform builds

When it comes to working with your existing in-house development teams, we can assist by:

  • Guiding them towards Sustainable Software Development Practices (SSDP)
  • Enhancing their expertise in transitioning to newer technologies, including cloud-based development (CloudDev)
  • Supporting teams not yet proficient in cloud technologies, helping them navigate the transition to cloud-native development
  • Improving developer experience (DevEx)

Let us guide you on crucial technical decision making so you can go further, even after we've gone.

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